Does this pick up cat hair also?

No, it does not. This is made only for fabric.

how should the batteries be put? i inserted the batteries, but it wouldn't turn on. should they ALL face the same direction?

After removing the lint collector, on the battery cover there is a diagram showing how to insert the batteries. Anyhow, you want to remove the lint collector, and face the EasyLint device. Two C size batteries will go with the “+” side facing up” and two on the other side with the “minus” side facing down. Hope that helps. If you need further help, send us an email and we’ll email you a diagram.

Will it recharge the C type batteries if I put rechargeable ones in it?

No, the unit does not charge batteries.

Will it work without batteries installed when plugged in?

Yes, Easylint will work plugged in.

I am Looking for extra replacement blades!

Is there a time limit for each use?

There is no time limit. You can use it as much as you like.

Is the motor more powerful when plugged into an outlet, as opposed to using it just with batteries?

Not all batteries are made to be equal or great. Batteries begin to lose full power after 20-30% use. You may notice degraded performance. However, with the adapter, it is continuous. Me personally? At home, I would use the A/C adapter but if I’m traveling, I’d stick to batteries.

Will this remove pills from the top of a fabric recliner where the material is not tight, will the blade cut low enough for a thick fabric?

It did an xcellent job on my couch cushions which have a coarse weave. You will have to try to find out.

Is the carrying case pink or red?


Does this have a blade adjustment for different fabrics?

The blades have a spring mechanism that will automatically adjust depending on pressure.

How should the batteries be put?

There is an illustration of how to on the interior cover.

Does the product have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, the product has a lifetime warranty. If for any reason, the product stops working, please send us an email and we’ll replace it free of charge.

I need to know if the transformer resists 220v

No, only 110 but you can use batteries.

how often does the blade have to be replaced?

When first starting out, it will have fresh new blades. As you start to use it, you will realize when it’s time to install new blades as the shaving will not be the same as before. As always, we sell replacement blades anytime you need it.

Question not answered?

We want to answer any question you have pre or post sale. Please direct all inquiries through our contact page and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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